Market House

The building was constructed in 1830 and was used as a courthouse, rent office and school in the latter half of the 19 century. It was also used as the local town hall in 1933 becoming the Northern bank in 1952 and was indeed its last use.

History points to a market house on the site being constructed in 1777 but this more than likely refers to a different building.

The building was extended in 1895 with a large rear addition which can be seen today. The use of the building was changed to Ward Public Elementary school.

It appears that the building has undergone visual changes with a tower, cupola and chimneys now gone from the buildings. The fenestration according to the history books also indicate that the ground floor windows have been changed to allow for a central entrance into the building.

In 1952 the building became its final home as the Belfast Banking Company took over the building which today is known as the Danske Bank.

Our client seeks to revitalize the building by turning the building into a social hub catering for the arts, local enterprises and creating a place were businesses can operate from in a flexible way.

There will be a cafe area along with flexible entertaining space. On the first floor offices of varying sizes will have an outdoor space to avail of.

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