120 Bangor Road

The house is hidden behind a mature hedgerow and is situated in a beautiful site in a beautiful garden. The existing house was built in the 1970’s is well designed and wonderfully portioned. The design of the existing house allows for very fluid movement and is centred around the feature staircase located at the entrance. A striking feature of the existing house is a very low mono-pitch that is sculptured over it, forming a commanding front facade.

An important space to the house is the garage which is positioned to the side and is single storey. The garage is used by the client as a work shop and every part of this space is perfectly laid out. The garage had to be maintained and this became a challenge when the brief called for a new master bedroom and associated spaces to be located above it.

Given the importance of the garage the brief called for a structure that would not in any way affect the garage structure. This meant that no columns or steel work could pierce the polished concrete floor. This important element was the catalyst in us acquiring a highly engineered approach to the design, producing a structure that would be able to support its own weight and float above the existing garage.

The solution was found in projecting the structure beyond the garage and using steel straps bedded into the new block work to anchor the structure. The structural engineer played a crucial part in developing an invisible structure that disappears into the wall.

The client desired to have a master bedroom with ensuite which must be linked to the main house. Our solution was generated by using a link which would contain the wardrobe area. An opaque screen was introduced to the link to give a visual medium between the house and the addition. It was works as a perfect changing area given plenty of natural daylight coupled with privacy. The natural flow that exists within the existing house is continued seamlessly into the additional master bedroom area.

Externally the extension is rendered with Iroko timber panelling introduced on the front elevation. A recessed balcony allows for an area to sit when morning sun soaks the front of house. Internally the detailing to minimalistic with glass doors and plasterboard being finished at floor level with no skirting boards required. The bed is designed to float above the floor as are the wall cabinets.