The Market House

The failing high streets of our local towns is well documented with shop closures and major Banks leaving the streets behind for the internet. The buildings that are left behind become difficult to let or sell with large volumes of space that are no longer required. The Danska bank in Bangor is a victim of the times but it will also be a survivor. This listed building which was originally built in 1830 as a Market House before becoming a school and then a bank is about to evolve once more. It is located in a cluster of listed building in the heart of Bangor. The project has always been conceived with the principle idea of maintaining the integrity of the listed building. Our client Kilcooley Women’s Centre has the vision to deliver a building that will restore new meaning to this building. It is the hope that it will be used for hosting events, providing education to the local people and becoming a vibrant workplace. The market place is long gone but the memories survive with people making new memories. ‘ What the people are within, the buildings express without.’ Louis Sullivan